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August 02, 2019

Multi-reminders release and contest

Hi folks,

One of the most requested features from you we can consider an option to set up multiple reminders for the reports.

We got so many such requests than decided to change some of our priorities and launch it right now instead of scheduled date in our Roadmap.

So, it's available from today. πŸ• πŸ• πŸ•


Along with reminders, we've released 2 more features which we plan to announce the next week.

If you're attentive user, please, send us what these features are and get a 20% discount for any annual subscription in Standuply.

P.S.: to send us your guesses, you can use our Intercom, e-mail or by leaving feedback to this post (just don't forget to write your account related e-mail).

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