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December 05, 2018

Answer the questions by selecting the tasks from your Task tracker

We continue to announce the features from the coming release πŸ”₯.

Tasks answers - The new response type.

Standuply right now has 3 question types with different behavior and we'll add the 4th:

βœ… Text response: When the user has to reply to the question by writing the text answer

βœ… Survey question: When the user has to select the answer from the predefined options.

βœ… No response needed: The reminding type of the message, which is not needed to be answered.

πŸ†• Task response: You will be able to reply to the question by selecting the specific task from your Task tracker into the giving dropdown within Slack.

Also, using Conditional Questions option, you will be able to ask the user the text response question after the task selecting.

The summary results could be duplicated into the task tracker and attached to the mentioned task.

Isn't it a bomb? πŸ’£

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