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March 21, 2019

The story by customer: How Daily.co runs remote standups with Standuply

Here’s the story from our friends and customers at Daily.co about how they’re using Standuply.

Like a lot of startup and product teams, we pull in tactics from agile development, scrum methodology and more. For us, working from anywhere was a key imprint from the start. (Our product’s geographical DNA includes Baja Sur, Colorado, Los Angeles, New York, Northern Europe, and San Francisco, where we’re now headquartered.)

The challenges of being a distributed team are well-documented. They hit you pretty fast. You don’t see each other. That’s compounded by working asynchronously, across time zones. It’s certainly tough syncing on information efficiently. You also don’t develop relationships in the same way.

What also figures into our DNA is our startup culture. One of the great things about building a new product is the sense of ownership and commitment. Our team builds Daily.co because we’re excited by our project. We want to stay informed, share details, and work together.

So, like a lot of distributed startups, we’re on Slack. It lets us ping each other fast, wherever we are. The challenge, of course, is to make sense of all the information flying around in Slack...

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