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December 17, 2018

Get key data instantly within Slack


Let's start the new week with the story about "Data Request" feature.

In case if you still don't know, Standuply allows you to integrate the services you use in your team and supercharge your daily standups with the data, metrics agile charts which team is interested in.

Hopefully, that wasn't a sort of discovery right now 😮

But what you might really miss, that you can instantly call the integrated requests and get the data directly in Slack at any moment.


You can share permissions to view the integrated data with your teammates and using the command /request you and your colleagues are able to receive the data instantly within Slack at any moment but not only with the scheduled reports.

Be updated with the important data not leaving Slack and keep updated your team.

Have a great week,

Your Team 🤟

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December 14, 2018

Customize Standuply as a real person in your Slack


Since you using Standuply you know that we're spreading the vision of Digital Assistant for every development team.

Standuply already has a lot of useful features to cover the processes in your company and it'will have much more just in a couple of weeks 🎁.

But we always try to think and nake features which allow you to personalize Standuply for your specific needs, workflows, and team style. Because it's an important thing related to product adoption and team engagement.

Frankly speaking, the whole success of using the product is depended on how you adopt Standuply for your specific team needs.

...and I'm going to tell you about very small but not least feature which is available for you in Standuply and fully dedicated to personalizing Standuply for your team.

Customize the name and avatar of Standuply bot for your team style.

We know, based on our customer's feedback, that engagement of teammates in answering the bot questions higher where the bot customized and attituded as a real person, as a teammate but not the robot.

So, spend just a few minutes to set up and get the much higher the eventual result from using the product.

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December 10, 2018

Make the dialog smarter with the conditional questions


Let's switch back from the coming release to the already existing features.

We'd like to tell you about the option which could help you to gather more detailed answers from your team 🧠.

What're the conditional questions?

This is the settings which allow you to ask additional questions based on the person answers.


If the respondent replies "No" to the question "Do you have any obstacles?" then ask him an additional question with the predefined options:

Besides the asking of additional questions with the conditions you're able to do the following things:

✅ Ask certain respondents of the specific questions.

You can make your survey the highly personalized and ask every respondent the own questions, e,g, by mentioning the name of the respondent like: "John, what did you do yesterday?"

✅ Ask or not to ask the specific questions on a certain day of the week.

E.g. You can skip asking the question "What did you do yesterday?" if the survey is run on Monday. To avoid the jokers who reply "Nothing, because the Sunday was yesterday🃏.

✅ Send the previous answers of the respondent with the question.

It's very useful if some of the respondents usually give the same answers. When they get the questions, they will see that last time they already said it and might be here is the time to write something new.

✅ Skip the next questions based on the respondent answer.

You can set up the logical jump to any question and skip some steps of surveying if it's not actual based on the respondent answer. E.g. if the respondent reply "I didn't work due to the illness" to the question "What did you do yesterday?", you can skip all other questions and finish the survey for this respondent immediately.

So, it's a highly advanced feature which required the time to be set up, but it really could make your reporting more intelligent and efficient.

Use Standuply for 100%.


Your team.

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