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April 08, 2019

Release, release, release...

Hey folks,

Standuply wishes you a great and productive week and for this aim, we prepared something very exciting for you. 🀩

We worked hard...last months, last week...Oh, honestly we can't remember the time when we didn't. πŸ˜“ But we love it because that's so amazing to bring value to our customers. πŸ˜ƒ

So, just today we have released several great features:

1️⃣ JIRA integration for the Program Manager templates. So, right now you are able to run Planning poker, Backlog grooming, Tasks based surveys not only for Trello tasks but also for JIRA.

2️⃣ JIRA integration for the "Task response" question types. So, you can answer the questions by selecting the JIRA tasks from a dropdown menu within Slack.

3️⃣ A new Voice/Video answering feature. We have fixed the issue with voice/video messages. So, we get rid of Youtube layer and now, we handle everything on our side. So, it's more secure and now, you don't need to have a Youtube account to use this feature. From today, any Slack user can record voice/video messages and send them within Slack as well as using it for answering to Standuply reports. As we wrote early in our post, we'll continue to work on this feature this month to extend supporting of other browsers and devices.

4️⃣ The custom endpoint for Program Manager templates and "Task response" questions. We added the option which allows you to integrate your own task tracker and run the processes like planning poker, backlog grooming or answering the questions by tasks selecting based on it. So, you can create by yourself some integrations for the task trackers which we aren't released yet or which aren't mentioned in our roadmap.

5️⃣ Adding supporting for the "Next-gen project" JIRA templates to create the requests. So, we extended our support for the new "next-gen project" JIRA templates and you can create Standuply requests like "burndown charts" and "tasks updates history" based on this JIRA template type.

P.S. Later, we plan to explain in details every announced feature by publishing a separate post. But you can always drop us the line and ask any question. Have a good week and stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

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February 14, 2019

Track a team motivation on tasks based feedback


I would like today to discuss the process which is for 90% missing in your team but it's so important to track it and now, it's so easily done via Standuply.

I'm talking about tracking of employee satisfaction with the tasks he performs.

How often do you ask your team members those simple questions?

1. Did you like to do your last task?

2. What tasks would you prefer to have in the future to do?

In most cases, managers just don't care about it and give the tasks to implement, no matter who will do this task and how the employee likes it.

As a result, at some time we got a demotivated team member who is going to leave the company because he did the tasks he didn't like.

Π‘ommon situation? πŸ˜‰

So, right now, you can cover this process by creating the report "Feedback on finished tasks".

1️⃣ Set up the frequency of this process.

We recommend running this process at least 1 time every 2 weeks. If you use Scrum fraimwork the best thing is to run it after the completing of every sprint as a part of your retrospective.

2️⃣ Select the respondents.

It's a whole your team.

3️⃣ Set up the task tracker params.

It means that you should specify in Standuply your task tracker params to let it pull the tasks and send it to respondents for feedback.

That's should be the tasks from the "Done" stage of your development board.

To not overload the proccess, we recommend selecting the "Random" tasks from the list.

Ask every respondent about 2 random tasks for every survey. If you go with this process constently it will be enough to understand the satisfaction of every team member about all his tasks (even if you don't ask about something).

Also, don't forget to specify the assignee from your task tracker to send particular tasks of the assignee in Slack.

4️⃣ Create questions to ask.

So, afterward, you just need to write down the questions that every respondent have to answer. Or you may just use our samples.

5️⃣ Choose the channel to share results.

So, as for usual reports in Standuply you just can specify the report summary delivery point.

It's mostly needed for the management staff, so the best way to select the DM in Slack to get the feedback summary.

Into the Slack, the process looks like this:

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