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December 21, 2018

Achievements of 2018 and Christmas Wishes to You πŸŽ„

Hey folks,

Our team wishes you Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

What a fantastic year it was πŸŽ† See our top-5 achievements of 2018 below.

1️⃣ One year ago we went out of the free beta launching our first pricing plan. Today we have three plans; each one has its unique features.

2️⃣ Now, Standuply is the most popular Slack app for Team Management and #1 standup bot regarding its features and the number of teams using it worldwide.

3️⃣ We gained a thousand great customers including more than 50 billion dollar companies and we grow very rapidly.

4️⃣ As a bootstrapped company we reached profitability, and our ARR is $400,000.

5️⃣ We brought out 100+ useful features on our mission of building the Digital Assistant for the Agile teams

A desire to build a great product is what motivated us from day 1. It's still true today.

Everything said above is a result of your trust in our team and product. Thanks for being with us, it means a lot!

We promise to keep doing our best to make your team even more productive in 2019. Let's rock together🀘


We've shipped a lot of amazing features. Let it be our present to all of you 🎁

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