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August 28, 2019

The new video messages

Hey folks,

In the frame of the task of adding support for video and voice messages in Standuply on Safari and iOS, we've fully revealed the video messages and make them super fast.

So, right now you just record the video answer and send it at any channel or via DM and it's immediately appeared in Slack. There is no any waiting time anymore like it was before when you were waiting for more than 30 sec to send the recording.

We've also added the supporting of Safari but you'll be able to use it only when the new Safari 13 released (Apple scheduled it on Oct). It's related to the new video recording browser technology which is already available in Chrome browser and only in the development version of Safari. So, as soon as Apple releases it in public Safari 13, Standuply will also support recording on any iOS or macOS devices in Safari browser.

Hope, it will happen in October as promised. 😉

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