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February 05, 2019

Kanban style standups via Standuply


I'd like to talk today about standup meetings in Kanban style. How to run it via Standuply using the new report templates?

Let's start to figure out in details. 🔬

In case, if you aren't familiar with the KanBan framework, you can read about this approach here.

How to set up the report to efficiently run a Kanban standup via Standuply:

1️⃣ Set up the frequency of this process.

A Kanban framework doesn's define the frequency of standup meetings, as it defined in Scrum for example. Kanban is a high-level self-organized methodology which says that the team sets up the number of needed rituals based on their needs. It might be just once a week or every day, everything depends on your particular case, your kanban board limits etc.

E.g. if you have the big team and every the column of your Kanban board has the limits of tasks, even more, the number than your team, this case if you run the standup meeting every day it might take really a lot of time. Because you have to go through all the tasks of your Kanban board from the right to left.

But even this situation, if you use Standuply, you will save a huge time on this process. But we don't reccoment to run this process less than 2-3 times a week.

2️⃣ Select the standup participants.

The standup participants are usually the whole team who answers the questions about the tasks on your Kanban board..

We strongly advise engaging the entire team into this process, including QA, designers and etc.

3️⃣ Set up the Kanban board params.

It means that you should specify in Standuply your task tracker params to let it pull the tasks and send it to respondents for review.

Speaking about Kanban standup process it's necessary to do the following steps:

  • Select all the columns from the "Done" to "Backlog" stages (whatever the exact name they have on your board).
  • Select all the tasks from the every of the column to ask the questions
  • Specify the assignee from your Kanban board to send particular tasks of the assignee in Slack.

4️⃣ Create the questions to ask Kanban standup.

So, afterward, you just need to write down the questions that every respondent have to answer. Or you may just use our samples.

Usually, during the Kanban standup meeting every respondent answers just 2 questions:

5️⃣ Choose the channel to share results.

So, as for the usual reports in Standuply you just can specify the report summary delivery point.

We recommend sharing the report summary of your standup with the entire team in the separate Slack channel.

This case the whole team stay updated and can discuss or add the comments to the assessments from other teammates.

Also, it's useful to include the outside stakeholders to share the progress with them. You can do it in standuply by scheduling the -email summaries through the "History" tab in your account.

Into the Slack, the process looks like this:

So, as usual, be even more productive with the Standuply and let us handle the whole routine work to let you be focused only on crucial things. 😎

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