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February 12, 2019

Advanced standup: Answer the questions by selecting the tasks from your task tracker


You asked we did.😎

Now, you can set up the question to be answered by the task input from your task tracker.

E.g. you can configure the standup question "What did you do yesterday" as a "Task response" questions type and let your respondents select the task from your task tracker to answer.

See, how it looks in Slack:

So, to set it up you need:

1️⃣ Select the "Task response" question type.

2️⃣ Connect your task tracker.

3️⃣ Specify the columns where tasks should be presented to the respondent to select from.

Currently, it's supported only a single task selecting. It's because of the Slack development tools limitation. There is no currently multi-select dropdown within Slack. But Slack has it in their roadmap, so as soon it's released as soon we'll improve it by adding support of it on our side.

But it's easily solved right now by having the second questions in your report with the usual "Text response" type.

So, this case, if the respondent worked on several tasks last day he will be able to select the major one and add text comment regarding the other tasks.

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