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February 07, 2019

360-degree feedback survey via Standuply


Today, we want to explore one of the most popular HR processes that help to track team motivation and increase not only the personal productivity of employee but also satisfaction level of the work that person does in the company.

We'll talk about 360-degree feedback survey and how to set up this process via Standuply.

In case, if you aren't familiar with the definition of this HR process, you can read a basic material here.

Just one thing I'd like to elaborate before we start to figure out how to set up Standuply for this process.

By reading the article title you might think: "Oh, it's not my topic, this up to HR department".

If you got such impression, please, spend a few minutes to answer the following questions inside your mind:

1. Does your HR department run this process in your team regularly?

2. Do you feel the impact of this process for your team?

Why we want you to answer those simple question? Based on our experience, in most cases, managers consider that the 360-degree survey is the HR process, but even if they don't have a dedicated HR manager who runs it they continue to ignore this ritual for their own team.

Another problem, you may have a dedicated person from the HR department who time to time runs this survey. But also, according to our experience, managers most time just don't feel an impact on their team after this process because it was run just formally, without a deep understanding of the team members, team problems, team insights which are usually could be seen by only the person who works with the team a full time but not few times in a year.

You might play the role of Product Manager, Scrum Master or Project Manager, you can even have the dedicated HR specialist, but if you are not fully involved in the creating and running of the 360-degree survey you don't have this process at all, but you should.

...and now, with Standuply you can take the control in your hands. 🎮

How to set up the report to efficiently run a 360-degree feedback survey via Standuply:

1️⃣ Set up the frequency of this process.

Usually, a 360-degree survey is run after the ending of every quarter. So 4 times in a year.

We just recommend leaving the big number of attempts to ask the respondent if he hasn's completed the survey. As a default in Standuply template, you can see the 15.

It means, that starting from the 1st day of the survey if the user isn't completed the answering the questions (keep in your mind, that 360-degree survey is set of many questions usually, it requires a time to answer) he will be additionally asked every next day (till the end number of attempts), starting from the question where he ended the answering previous time.

2️⃣ Select the survey respondents.

That is the whole your team, including manager itself.

3️⃣ Specify people for feedback.

It means that you should specify in Standuply for every respondent the set of people who he worked with during the quarter. The respondent will be asked about those people to provide feedback.

Standuply allows you to have the individual set of people for feedback for the every respondent.

It is a process through which feedback from an employee's subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation by the employee themselves is gathered

4️⃣ Create questions to ask.

It's a very important moment. You can find a lot of materials about what questions you should include to your survey.

Creating the template in Standuply, we tried to gather the most useful and practice questions.

You can just adjust them for your needs by re-phrasing or removing some of them.

Some questions include conditional answers. it means that depending on the respondent feedback Standuply will ask additional questions if needed.

5️⃣ Choose the channel to share results.

So, as for the usual reports in Standuply you just can specify the report summary delivery point.

It's not usually shared with the whole team. So, basically, you need to specify the management staff as a people whom Standuply sends the survey summary in DM or e-mail.

Into the Slack, the process looks like this:

So, as usual, be even more productive with the Standuply and let us handle the whole routine work to let you be focused only on crucial things. 😎

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